Youth Symposium Back Up

Chairperson: Dr. Ihor Shchupak
Director of the Tkuma Ukrainian Institute for the Study of the Holocaust, and of the Museum of Jewish Memory and the Holocaust in Ukraine.

Over 200 young people, from Ukraine (90 of all ethnic backgrounds), from the United States and Canada (30 of Jewish and ethnic Ukrainian background), and from Israel and Europe (30) will be selected to take part in a week-long program emphasizing cultural and historical awareness, mutual respect toward each other’s ancestral heritage, and civic responsibility. The format of the youth encounters will be “town-hall” forums at which young people will be able to interact directly with Ukrainian, Jewish, and international public intellectuals as well as with prominent governmental, religious, and educational figures. Topics for discussion will deal with the past (Babyn Yar and its place in the Holocaust) and, in particular, the present (civic responsibility, governance, education, religion). The young people will also be invited to the three other events of the UJE program (public symposium, memorial space announcement, commemorative concert), as well as the three auxilary events (art exhibit, film showing, documentary photo exhibit).