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How will Kyiv commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Babyn Yar tragedy?

Iryna Slavinska: The seventy-fifth anniversary is a very serious challenge for Ukraine and for Kyiv in particular. We can certainly expect in Kyiv both major solemn events and activities related to research. I'm aware that the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter is planning to hold a major conference. Let's start our discussion with this.

Robert Paul Magocsi: We are not talking here about a conference, but about a project that we started to plan one and a half years ago, in fact, two years before these activities will take place at the end of this September. What should I say about this project? The Babyn Yar project consists of four parts, or four programs. The first part addresses youth, the second part is a symposium, the third concerns a memorial space, and the fourth a commemorative concert...